As the world’s digital surface expands, cyber threats grow and adapt, driving organizations to acquire technology and hire specialized resources to defend their valuable information assets. The growing demand for cyber talent is on the rise, and the timelines to deliver a capable workforce through traditional educational processes are too long.

The ability to prevent and respond effectively to a cyber incident, whether it be a simple event or a targeted cyber-attack, is not easily acquired through standard academic theory if not complemented with persistent hands-on training.

A capable cyber workforce includes technical and nontechnical roles that are staffed with knowledgeable and experienced human resources who can address the cyber challenges inherent to enabling organizations to successfully implement and operate the security aspects of their missions and business processes connected to cyberspace.
Q-MISSION addresses these challenges by delivering KSAs, which are the attributes required to perform cyber work roles that are built through fast targeted education, training, and proficiency evaluation with our leading-edge, persistent cyber training ecosystem.


Q-Mission is our cyber workforce development platform comprised of a streamlined process that delivers knowledge, skills, and abilities via its tailorable content (K), practice (S), and evaluation (A) modules, which are built within a contained ecosystem that provides a secure environment that allows cyber trainees to learn, practice, design, rehearse, and launch cybersecurity and defense strategies and operations.
On Q-Mission, cyber workforces will acquire **NICE framework-aligned proficiencies to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber incidents. Through our autonomous persistent training process, cyber workforces will encounter real-life dynamic scenarios where skills are developed and leadership can assess the abilities of an individual or team to fulfill specific cyber work roles.